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 Reboot Your Life At Remnant Health Center!



  • A Family Practice with a Refreshing Twist
  • Using a Functional Natural Medicine Approach
  • Our Goal is to Empower You to Better Health!!!

Upcoming Events -

 Upcoming Webinar April 22, 2014

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 Free Webinar

 Is Your Gut on Fire?  If so, What’s Stoking it?

 Dr. Dana Rosdahl will present a 15 Minute Webinar on the keys to gut health!




Upcoming Health Weight Loss Challenge! 


Remnant Health Center’s is offering the Isagenix Solution!

Join Our Health Weight Loss Challenge!

April 29th, 2014 6-7pm  See our Events Page!



Remnant Health’s Business Hours

Normal Office Hours – 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday

Saturday Hours – The first Saturday of each month – 10am to 3pm

Wellness Tuesday – The third Tuesday of each month – 8 am to 5pm






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