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  • A Family Practice with a Refreshing Twist
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summer-beach-images-webReboot and Replenish for Summer Fun:

Vitamin IV and Nutritional IV: 30 minutes to recharge and reboot.

$60 [reg. price $85]

Metabolism Enhancer Shot: burn fat and boost metabolism.

$25 [reg. price $35]



Join the Fed Up Challenge

If you are interested in learning more about getting rid of sugar in your diet, contact us to book an appointment with Dr. Dana


Some Recent Posts from Our Blog

Follow Your Symptoms to Health - Following your symptoms to health simply means you can learn how to get well through your own body. Whether it is Lyme Disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia or MS it is possible to alter the way you see the disease and work in collaboration with your own body to overcome the hold disease has within your body.  […]
Guest blog: Patty Wooldridge: Lymphatic Drainage - Now that we know that there are equipment and techniques to deal with blocked lymph drainage let’s look at what causes edema in the first place.  There can be Low Protein Edema and Lymphodynamic Edema where there is a high level of fluid in the interstitial spaces (fluids around the cells).The lymph system may still […]
From Our Community: Push Down and Tango - Crystal Daigle is an inspiring member of our community here at Remnant Health. Hers is another story of triumph of joy and of the human will to thrive that we love sharing here at the center. Crystal is an artist and has recently set herself the task of creating an interesting and uplifting public art […]
Brad Lundblad Takes Up A 4-Day Challenge - This article is an incredible testimony of one of our patients, Brad Lundblad, who suffers from Lyme Disease. He’s not as sick as most of our Lyme patients but he still has so many of the daily symptoms and yet he maintains his athletic goals …pretty amazing stuff. Well done Brad!  
Are You Spiritually Well? Meditation: An Exercise for the Soul? - There seems to be a new wave of excitement and awareness about the benefits of Meditation. Meditation is a kind of exercise for the Soul.  The idea of Meditation is to bring in our Soul’s essence to our busy lives and allow it to cool, calm and soothe our troubled minds. We live at such […]

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